Your business thrives on the power of a strong team.

Remote teamwork has increased by more than half, and
interpersonal communication accounts for 75% of an employee’s day. 

Team Success is How, Not Who

Google's 'Project Aristotle,' conducted over two years and completed in 2016, aimed to understand the dynamics of effective teams. The research revealed that the key to successful teams isn't so much about who is on the team, but how the team works together. The most critical factor identified was 'psychological safety' — a sense of confidence that the team will not embarrass, reject, or punish someone for speaking up. Additionally, dependable teams, clear goals, structured roles, and meaningful work were significant contributors to team success. The findings emphasized the importance of a supportive team environment over individual talents or skills.

Optional Introductory Session

Working with Leslie to bring solution-focused dialog to our design process marked a pivotal turning point. It revolutionized our approach, turning everyday challenges into a practice for innovation and cohesive teamwork.


product design lead

Implementing Solution-Focused thinking within our team has been nothing short of transformative. The shift in focus from problem-centric discussions to solution-driven dialogues was immediate and impactful.  It's not just our output that has improved; it's the way we think and collaborate as a team. SFBC hasn't just been a coaching methodology for us; it's been a catalyst for positive change."


CEO, agricultural robotics

Recommending Leslie as a Coach to my clients has been a game-changer. Clients have experienced remarkable breakthroughs, shifting from stalemate situations to paths of progressive solutions. It's rewarding to witness their transformation, moving from problem-laden discussions to empowering, solution-driven strategies.


financial Consultant

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